Layout mode display controlling visibility of items in perspective view independent of orthos?

layout mode,
I need perspective view to have separate controls on what is on and off to that of ortho.
In it I need the related objects ‘on’ to the bolt I am creating a plan for in the ortho views and mode to be shaded. In the orthos I have just the bolt visible and shaded and I am adding in some extra dims.

Is it possible to stop these dimensions showing in the perspective view, as what was a clean view and needed as such is taking on every dimension being added to the ortho views., and its looking bad as a result.

Also I have a drawn grid in ortho views, placed in top front and end views and its a real cage of wires in the background of perspective as all three are visible ! how do I stop the grid displaying in that pane ?..even worse mess than the dims.

I thought perhaps that when perspective layout detail is active the layers for my drawn grid could be turned off and affect just that viewport, like the display colours do for the layers, but alas all 4 viewports see the grid vanish.

I need to turn off the dims and drawn grid layer just for perspective.


You can turn off objects in any individual detail. This has been explained to you already, a few times…what are you doing??? If you want the most control possible, then resort to make2D for your ortho views to divorce them from your shaded perspective view. But why so much work for ‘simple’ and ‘non critical’ parts that are going to be manually made? Is this a mass production situation? Are the shop floor guys even going to actually use these drawings? Did anyone ask for this? The days you’re spending on this you’d be better off getting them made with CNC techniques.

Hi Jim,
What am I doing wrong, I double click the detail perspective, turn off dims layer and dims vanish in ALL the 4 viewports.
I try again this time with the persp detail view not active and dims vanish in all 4 viewports.

So how do I turn off a layer in just one viewport and not affect the visibility of that item in the 3 others others ?

You say I have been told this already, so I will peruse all my threads again and see how its done, but what was wrong with my method above ? Do tell me here.

update… I have looked through all posts on layout I made this last week and nothing has been said on how to turn off a layer for just one pane. I was told I could delete the geometry in perspective detail pane, but that didnt work, it vanished in all panes.

make2D is no use to me, I need my plans in shaded mode, Make2D is lines, its buggy, I used it many yrs ago and dropped it like a hot potato, . the results are scattered about, I have to bring them all together, I had to edit out bits, add in bits, no way no use at all for this job. I have something like 20 separate components to plan up, . Layout view is the best approach BUT i cannot control visibility in the separate panes and when manually aligning the panes, unless I find out how to auto do so, I keep messing up the scales, iI wish it auto aligned.

What I am doing with this is exactly what it needs, the graphical way it will be submitted as a set of plans totally understandable at first glance, for folk who need such, not a set of spidery lines which would involve the user having to have knowledge of how to read engineering drawings, line only plans would make this hardwork or not followable. All the components and sub components are all different colours so as to make 100% easy for seeing all the details easily and make it understandable.
It is not the subject matter that folk here ever deal with.
I cannot say what this is but its not for an engineer, its not for CNC, it wont enter a factory, Its exactly what is needed for the recipients to recreate the item, using their own workshops, plywood, steel, items purchasable, sewing machine needed, material, straps, all sorts of skills needed and will be made by a team where pennies count, to go on display to the public. No shop floor guys, no processes you envisage. I have done so before and its highly praised and totally followable, it works 100%, followable by the lowest brain set.
Its not a CNC thing, miles away from that sort of thing, would cost thousands if it were given to a factory., maybe the brackets in it could be but the cost would be prohibitive. I might get some bits that form 2% of it and another that is a complex component that would make life easy also 3D printed for them.

If I was to show this here I would lose control over the marketing, its copyright and all too often ones project appears elsewhere and control is lost.
The world is so darned sensitive I would propably cause myself grief by showing a photo of this on the net.

I know exactly what I am doing, my client base for this and what they need. I have discussed it with them and its to be in the same manner as other work I have done which is exactly what is needed and 100% understandable when looked at.


Steve -

You need to make sure that you click the correct lightbulb - there are 2:


oh blimey, slaps head, got it !
The layer palette needs bringing out and hides the pane but then I see those extra columns.
Wish there was a way of making that palette a bit smaller font wise etc !

How do it alter the border we get as its wasting paper space 10mm margins when I use 4mm and need more plan space to attain 1:1 sometimes.

properties says width and height but doesnt have a margins entry window.


You can make your details as wide and tall as you like. Use Scale1D or turn on points…

Hi, ok got it, the dashed line was a red herring.

Now I need to make the pdf creation prog force the document to use 'actual size, when the recipient simply clicks print. I am using PDF24 Creator (sheep icon)

then I am there, at last., well almost.

Auto alignment as we have in normal rhino viewports , aka linked viewports, is still a real fiddly problem causing much extra time loss. Until I hear back on how its done. Smarttrack is the 2nd McNeel suggestion in online help. Just dont activate the detail view, and zoom to see what you are doing, and then one has to reset and move back into position the borders yet again.