Bug on rhino 6 sr20

Hello every one,

recently we have find a bug with dim in paper space.

if I make a drawing in the object space and if i add dim in a paper space ok. But if i make a new layaout and i copy past all object in the new layaout, then the dim value did not respect the scale factor of the detail view!!!

  1. Add make a drawing and add dim in the firste layaout

  2. creat a new layaout and copy past all object of the first layer in the new layaout.

    do you see a problem with the dim values?

Best regards

Hi - Thanks! This was also reported here:

Does this mean that this used to work differently in Rhino 6? If so, do you recall which version you were using previously?

Ho sorry i’m not view this topic.

on rhino 6 SR 19 there we have no problem :slight_smile:

No worries!

Thanks! I rolled back to SR 19 and see that it worked correctly there. I’ll get this on the to-do list.
Reported as RH-56193.

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Ok great thank you very much
regards :slight_smile:

RH-56193 is fixed in the latest Service Release