(Bug - minor) mirror - option naming

the mirror command has the options:
x Axis
y Axis
z Axis
in 3d mirror needs a plane (only in 2d a line)
the option correspond to
x Axis → cplane x-z plane (which hast the normal cplane y)
y Axis → cplane y-z plane (which hast the normal cplane x)
z Axis → cplane x-y plane (which has the normal cplane z)
The naming annoys me because - if we think 3d - , a plane for mirroring can be defined by an origin and a vector / normal - this is only correct for the z-Axis option.

So - if my students ask me - how shell i explain why the options are named like this ?
and why are c-planes defined more correct / with another naming.
… and then i teach them grasshopper or phyton and mirroring behaves not like the mirror command…

i think

xy plane
xz plane (or zx)
yz plane (or zy)

would be the correct options