Mirror across Cplane?

This seems so obvious so I must me missing something.

In the Mirror command, I see Xaxis and Yaxis, for the two perpendicular planes, but which option is the Cplane itself? :slight_smile:

Yep, mirror in Z (over CPlane) has never been amongst the possibilities for the normal Mirror command.

I currently have a couple of scripts for this:

MirrorCPlaneZWHistory.py (634 Bytes)

MirrorWorldZWHistory.py (633 Bytes)

(as per the titles, if history recording is enabled, it is applied)

I also have an old macro that still works… but I would use the script.

! _SetRedrawOff
_Cplane _Rotate X 90 
_Mirror _Pause
_Copy=yes 0 1,0
_Cplane _Undo
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That’s a super weird UI decision from McNeel…

But thanks for the scripts! :slight_smile:

I think because Mirror has always been sorta classified like a 2D command - i.e. use a mirror line to represent a plane, assuming an implicit CPlane Z. I didn’t see an item in the Youtrack system for this, so I put one up there as an enhancement request.


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Hello - a macro for this is

! _Mirror _Pause _3Point 0 1,0,0 0,1,0



Funny, that option has probably been there for years but I completely spaced it, I think sometimes my head is still stuck in the V2 days. :confounded:

I think it was added in V6, nowait V5. But… with IP being a thing, it seems like any plane or planar object should do for mirroring.


Yeah, that might be a good addition to save 2 clicks over the 3Point option.

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Why do you need it if you can achieve the same by mirroring about the X or Y axis in another viewport?

Hi John - that would only help when using the canned ‘big three’ world planes, or UPlanes.


RH-55646 is fixed in the latest WIP

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