XY Mirroring plane instead of XZ


There are two attached files contains the same polysurface. in perspective window please try to mirror or create a cutting plane starting from Zero to X axis. in this end File which named “normal” does what rhino does for me since i learned it. but on the other file (different) mirroring the polysurface mirrors the model under the XY plane.

“move” comand also moves objects in Z direction rather than x and y directions while at Perspective viewport

What may cause this behaivour?



different.3dm (382.3 KB)
normal.3dm (379.4 KB)

In the “normal” file the CPlanes and their coordinate systems coincide with the World coordinate system.

In the “different” file the CPlanes and associated coordinate systems in the cc03/perspective, Front and Right viewports are rotated relative to the World coordinate system. To see the difference EvaluatePt on any point on the object (other than the origin) and compare the reported CPlane vs World coordinates.

Commands default to use the viewports CPlane coordinate system. To use the World coordinate system preface coordinate input with “W”.

Hi @davidcockey ,

Thank you, what you suggested worked.
i saw that world and didnt think it could be caused by Cplane.