Bug - linetype

Linetype BUG.
See attached.

Also turns out wrong when exported to PDF.

Could you please provide the 3dm file where you’re seeing this issue? I’d like to see if we can reproduce this in the RhinoBETA for V8 or not.

Sure @dan
Have a look in layouts of the file.
Switch print display to ON.

It looks different in V8 beta. Also not correct there.

There is also a BUG with text scaling in perspective views.
You can see it in the same file.

TEST.3dm (6.7 MB)

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Hi Morten -
Thanks for your file!

In Rhino 8, I’m not seeing turning print display on or off changing anything.
I do see that there is no preview of the linetype when printing → RH-77465 Print: Linetype preview
EDIT: that one seems to have been fixed already…

I’m not sure that not printing a 0.01 line segment on a A3 paper should be considered to be a bug. Keeping that segment at the default “0” size (in the default DashDot linetype) will ensure that it gets printed as a dot.

I see a preview issue in Rhino 8 → RH-77469 Print: Perspective text scaling preview

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