Bug - Layers Panel Does Not Refresh

I docked the layers tab below the properties tab on the right hand side, when Rhino opens the layer tab does not refresh.

Hi Don, I know… I see this from time to time but we cannot so far tell what is causing it. I’ll remind @dale, he might have an idea. I’m curious to know if in your case it does not happen if RhinoCam is not loaded.



Unloading RhinoCAM and restarting Rhino made no change.


FYI: This is repeatable and happens on multiple installations, I tried it on this desktop and my laptop and both behave the same way, both are on SR5b.

It also only does it if the layers panel is docked, if it is floating it is fine.

I keep my Properties window docked at the bottom (same location as OP docks Layers) and I have seen the same thing with the Properties, it’s blank (no viewport properties) until you click on an object, then it comes back.

This was happening to me consistently for a while, but now it has not appeared for several weeks. I had assumed that it was a glitch with the workspace file, that somehow fixed itself at some point.