Rhino8 - Properties Viewport Bug?

All I want is to have Properties and below Layers on the right side.
Have a look at what’s happening:

Hi Bogdan - is this what you are shootong for? I can’t quite tell what happens in your clip…


Try playing with them a bit more and you will run into trouble.

Obviously I managed to make it work as I want.

but, @pascal I have to admit that the way panels doc and undock is way better in Rhino 8. Having those blue squares to click into position.

Great job for Rhino 8

@Bogdan_Chipara I’m a bit confused what is happening in the first video you show. It looks like you have a copy of the properties window floating that gets ‘grayed out’ once it pops back in place in the docked area. Do you have ways to reproduce that behavior?

@Gijs , If I run into it again I’ll try to be more clear on how to reproduce .

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