Bug in plan view (visualArq2.11.1)

bug in plan view (visualArq2.11.1)

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the object A not finding in PLAN VIEW

Hello @architect.civil5,

I could reproduce this bug as well… I’ll add it to our buglist with your vote.

Hello again @architect.civil5,

We have been taking a look to your file. This error happens also in previous releases, not only in 2.11. In addition, it looks like there is a problem with that polysurface. If you look at the curved surface, there are no edges that connect to the lateral surfaces. If you try to split the polysurface with a planar surface at the elevation of the cut plane, the Split command also fails: Split failed, objects may not intersect or intersections may not split object.

I rebuilt the polysurface with a simple extrusion and it worked. The old polysurface is on the right side; you can see there some of the problems of this object.

plan bug.3dm (444.3 KB)

Thaks how does to test the visualArq 3wip?

Hi @architect.civil5

We hope we’ll publish VisualARQ 3 WIP very soon, probably in September, although don’t expect it to have many differences from VisualARQ 2 because development has just started. Rhino 8 support, IFC4 export, and some enhancements in tables are the only new features currently implemented.