Bug in Mesh evaluation or Mesh closest point parameter output

mesh_bug.gh (9.3 KB)

I was getting normals of all vertices of a mesh sphere… (i can workaround in countless ways, anyhow)

With Mesh sphere Ex + mesh closest point + evaluate mesh, sometime the evaluated point is in the center of the sphere and the normal vector is almost “null” (zero length)

Rhino 6.10.18288.23181
GH 1.0.0007

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same bug here
I have a mesh here (from an half sphere).
Points and Normals from Mesh Eval have some strange behaviors
Normals have a length less than one

Some points are inside and aligned with the 0 of the mesh.

mesh eval error.gh (214.7 KB)

I confirm the bug is still present. It seems it only affects quad meshes though, so triangulating can be a way to work around it.