Bug in Mesh evaluation or Mesh closest point parameter output

Hi, I picked a suggested already existing topic similar to my question, so I am not sure if it is really a bug or me who isn’t fully understanding what is the Point Output for Mesh Closest Point and Mesh Eval functions.

I would kindly ask if someone can help me understand if for the same mesh and list of points, shouldn’t I get the same Point output for Mesh Eval the same list of points at Point output as for Mesh Closest Point? Because I am not getting the same, particularly for Mesh Eval I can’t understand one (orance circled) of the resulting points.

Points from Mesh Closest Point and Mesh Eval.gh (45.7 KB)

Thoughts? Thank you!

I usually use triangulated mesh in this kind of situation and check the link below to get an insight into whether it’s a bug or not…

Points from Mesh Closest Point and Mesh Eval_re.gh (43.9 KB)

Thanks @HS_Kim for commenting and the links. My workaround for this issue was to use the points from Mesh Closest Point function instead of Points from Mesh Eval and use the Normal from Mesh Eval. Strange enough it matched properly.

Halle dear @HS_Kim,

I have encountered the same problem.
The first solution was performed with the closest point component.
As you can see marked in blue, it marks me points far away from the point cloud.

The second solution was performed with _meshclosestpoints, and the result is not so different.

ClosestPoint.gh (1.0 MB)

Could possibly exist the way to find the closest point, delimiting the area, for example with a radius of action of x = cm / mt?

Thanks and best regard

Because your mesh data has five separated branches, hence the result looks weird for you…
If you don’t mind using single joined and triangulated mesh instead, the result would be fine.

ClosestPoint_re.gh (1.0 MB)

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