Does Mesh Eval fail to preview points?


Points of Mesh Closest Point seem to be different from ones of Mesh Eval on this canvas, but their coordinates are the same(Mesh Closest Point works precisely). Is this a problem of the rhino viewer?
In this case, are normal vectors of Mesh Eval precise outputs? (59.7 KB)

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Triangulate your mesh should work.

unnamed (67.0 KB)

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Hi, @HS_Kim

Thanks for your fast reply. Your Grasshopper let me understand Mesh Eval works not on quad meshes but triangle meshes, but I think this system doesn’t match UX…

It looks like a bug @stevebaer (I didn’t know who to address this to).
The method expect a fourth barycentric coordinate, so it should work for quad meshes.

You can make it work for quad meshes resetting the face order.

Are meshes of twisted faces generated in this way? This is not what I expected.

Just use that mesh to evaluate the points, use the original for the rest. Or use a triangular mesh.

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