Bug: IFC creates Slab in wrong direction or something


Hi, I have a recurring problem with the IFC importer:
Look at this slab, it comes in inverted (maybe it is extruded in the negative direction? I don’t know.
But Solibri and all other apps reads it inn properly.



RIB.zip (838.2 KB)

Hi @Holo,

When I imported the IFC file this slab appeared in the correct position.
I tried with both Rhino 5 (SR14) and Rhino 6 (SR23) and VisualARQ 2.7.2.

Which versions do you have?

Kind regards

Hi Ramon, I was on a 2.5.2 version and had only downloaded the update and not installed it… My bad!
It imports fine now, so thank you for testing it out!