IFC rotate upside-down

Hello, I have a model that when exported to IFC is rotated upside down.
The problem seems model-specific as it reproduces across platforms: I tried both in Revit and Archicad.
Any idea?

Hello @XDGA,

Did you model all of it with VisualARQ? Which VisualARQ and Rhino versions are you using? Please, could you send us this file to visualarq@asuni.com so that we can figure out what could be causing the problem?

it is modelled in Rhino, but here just a few parts are visualarq (it is part of a larger project, where all the other parts are VA, here we need just some walls to act as boundaries).
This model was developed in different stages and the latest version used are
Rhino 7 SR10 (7.10.21256.17001, 2021-09-13)
I sent the .ifc and the .3dm file


I received the file and we are checking it. I will let you know when I have news about it.

:thinking: I suppose this is more complicated than expected :smiley:


We are still checking this issue. I couldn’t even open the file with Revit, but I could open it with Solibri and it was correctly imported, so I am not sure if it is a Revit issue yet. If I try to import the file to VisualARQ again, it looks like there is a problem with some materials, I am not sure if this could be related with your problem. I will let you know as soon as I have news.