Distorted rendering

I’m getting a weird bug I’ve never encountered before. Upon rendering whether it is with Enscape or even the rhino basic render motor, the end result is extremely distorted even when set to a maximum quality. Cant really figure out the issue, seems to be a file issue but dont understand how to solve it nor whats at the origin of this bug. here is an example of the image vs say the render view in rhino.

Rhino render view enscape render
rhino render

Unfortunately I can’t share the file, which is really needed to troubleshoot the issue. But I wonder if anyone had a similar issue. This is a file made of : ifc imported objects (assumingly exported from revit which are the object you see upfront) and visualarq objects. Also there are polysurfaces and meshes which is the terrain. The shapes dont seem to show any errors ( like weird meshes for example). But still this is the render preview I’m getting. Tried also copying everything into a new file but I’ve encountered a hole new issue upon saving that file: all the “ifc” objects including the visualarq arent saved within the new file. Whilst I am planning to explode the visualarq objects for the enscape render. Exploding the objects from the improted IFC file will result in a plethora of open mesh faces wich are just going to be nightmare to deal with.

Hi @sleau
The initial guess is that you are very far from the world origin. Try moving the whole scene closer to W0,0,0. Basically the huge coordinates of being far from the origin uses up the digits meant for precision, so your meshes gets virtually messed up.
HTH, Jakob