Difference between cameras

What is the difference between “named view widget” and the “interface camera”?
Does named view widget override interface camera?

Hi Rachel,

I’m not sure what you mean by interface camera?
With the named view widget do you mean this panel?:


Yeh, Named view I mean what you signed, click it, and then you will have a menu.
the miidle arrow in the menu is “create using widget”.
By interface camera I mean the camera which is opened when F6 is clicked.
They are 2 differenet cameras.

When you are in the default perspective viewport you control the camera with F6 and all other options.

When you save a named view it is like saving a view to your scene so if you change the camera settings they change only for the camera of the saved view.

So F6 in this mode controls the saved camera but if you change its settings you have to resave the view or save another one.

It does seem like they ought to show the same controls though - @andy, would it be possible to use the Named View camera widget UI in Camera Show ?


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@pascal - they are basically the same. However, you can’t select the interface camera, there therefore there aren’t any “controls” (I assume you mean properties controls).

I don’t really understand what’s being requested here. What can’t you do?

Thanks to all of you. Yet I don’t quite understand this subject. Is there any video tutorial for this subject?

Hi Andy - I was thinking that maybe they should show the same thing on screen - draw the control the same, with the camera drawn and so on in the F6 version.


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I would agree with Pascal’s thought. My one additional request would be a modification to how the camera icon (of the named view widget style camera) is drawn. No matter your zoom level, the camera icon always stays the same size. This is nice when zoomed it, but in my opinion it can get ridiculously large when zoomed out when compared to the drawing of the frustrum. This seems particularly evident in orthogonal views. I would propose a maximum size to the camera icon, something like the bounding box of the camera icon wouldn’t exceed some percentage of the far plane of the frustrum.


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I would check out this video by Nick Senske on youtube.

Also, the Christopher McAdams youtube channel mostly for VRay Rhino but some camera options are also explained.


Thank you very much fin !! I will watch it.
Is there any Mcneel video tutorial for this subject?
Thanks a lot

Nick Senske video on youtube is WONDERFUL !!!
Thank you very much for the link