Compiling GHPY compiler doesnt seem to work for me

I am following the tutorial on:

Using the second method for advance compiling.
I have compiled a ghpy with multiple components.
I have dragged both the sample ghpy and my own ghpy into gh.

Sample ghpy here:

They both fail , error message is missing the ‘axes’ module for sample ghpy, and my own module for my ghpy.

rhino 6.10.18311.20531
gh 1.0.0007

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@Alain, @stevebaer, do you know of any particular changes in 6 SR10?

I’m not aware of what changed between 6.0.16313.01411 and 6.10.18311.20531 but I can take a look.

I don’t know of any changes made to GhPY compiler at all beyond your work @piac.

Hi @yun.sung

I just checked the file that you posted, and it works in Rhino 6 SR 23.
Can you please update to the latest Service Release, so that we can be sure to be using the same codebase?

Thank you,


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

My computer and software is determined by my company. I will check to see if I can update them. Cheers and thanks for all your help everyone.

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Thanks. Please let us know if you encounter any problems updating.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Just for more info: I feel it is some pathing problem.
Here are some screenshots i took:


IMPORT NOTE: I am creating assemblies for my company to use, so I need to keep my rhino version the same as what everyone else is using. Therefore I cannot update my rhino version to resolve this…

Additional: I read somewhere that it could be some problems with having multiple versions of ironpython. so i have the ironpython that grasshopper uses, and the iron python that is downloaded to c drive. lets say I uninstall the C:/ironpython. How would I use the ironpython.gha to compile the ghpy then? Since there is a permission error when i tried it last time. What is your workflow?

I have same issue.

ouch now its done something to my grasshopper
GH is acting very slow now for some reason … may need to reinstall fresh copy

You have to go into rhino and use “rhino python editor” to compile (i.e. run, not your own iron python or grasshopper python editor. This works.


Many thanks for your solution. It has worked for me, but I was faced with a different problem.
When I drop the .ghpy file into the Grasshopper’s canvas, I get the following error:

I just edited the sample code from Giulio a little bit. I really cannot understand why I get this error. Can someone please help me?

Here the possible error location:

image (2.8 KB) (56 Bytes)

What did you do? Knowing that will probably solve the problem.