"bug:" Double clicking a text that is on top of a hatch

Double clicking a text object will not let me edit it if the text object is above a hatch object.

I think any doubleclick should check if one or more objects are selected,close by the mouse cursor, and if so, activate edit for those.

It does not matter if gumball is on or off.
And talking about gumball, I think the gumball arrows should get higher priority. I often click on an arrow to manipulate the object, only to select the object behind the arrow instead.


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Same goes for text dots that are above objects like surfaces…

I find the opposite - if the gumball is on, I find the arrows and scale boxes often get in the way when trying to select objects… Try moving a line with mouseclick object snap to its end… that’s where the scale box is and no way to snap to the end - you are forced to use Move…


Hi Jorgen- I know it is not the same, but keeping selection filters open is handy - right click Annotations, edit as needed, right click Annotations again to restore all filters.