Possible bug while selecting objects

Hi all.

I found something during a Gumballing operation while I was trying to select sub objects on a box ( CTRL + SHIFT + CLICK )

The Gumballism is as follows

  • One Box surrounded by its BBox.
  • Display mode is set to Shaded
  • Display mode for BBox is set to Wireframe

Trying to Click on a SubObject - failure
CrossSelect a SubObject - Success

I understand well the logic behind that behaviour and can easily solve this by switching to another display mode to work around the problem.

The thing is that in such a situation, WISIWIG what I see is what I (can ) get does not apply.
Isn’t this partially Gumballed (wierd) ?

Rodolfo Santos

i dont see anything contextually related to the gumball here, confuses the crap out of anybody trying to understand your regards.

if you set to wire mode and setobject the inner cube to shaded you get what you see, which you probably discovered already.

i agree that this could be more consistent, i would call it a bug.

Because accessing SubObjects is an intent that is often ( not always ) linked to further Operations performed with the Gumball.

This is why I addressed the question to Gumballers to get their opinion.

Hope that makes sense…

Rodolfo Santos

i would not call it often, it is maybe less often than i would use it with regular commands. yes it could imply using gumball for further actions but pointing out gumball in the headline like it would be an integral part of the problem made it very confusing.

nevertheless, i would mark this as a bug in the headline.

…is not the intent. I updated the title.

I just tested by curiosity in Rhino for mac Versão 6 (6.34.21034.07002, 2021-02-03)
It’s working well.

Previously tested on Rhino 7 for Mac last available build.
Any contribution would help to identify if this behaviour is related to Rhino 7 win or Mac.

Rodolfo Santos.

Doesn’t seem to be a problem here in Rhino V7 for Windows…


Good to know, thanks.

A - A problem related to Rhino 7 for mac
B - A local problem due to my personal hardware configuration

Rodolfo Santos

seems so!

@wim could you have a quick look and maybe confirm it?