Can I use my Mac licence on Windows?

I have a commercial licence for Mac.

All was well, but now the 3d printer and router I use have been replaced and in order to be able to work at the new machines (corrections and/or edits), I am limited to a PC.

I do not wish to convert off Mac, only to be able to use on PC at the machine.

Can I use my Mac licence to run Rhino (Windows) at the PC? (one at time as per licence agreement)

Is this type of situation what the zoo is for?

V5 for Mac no.
V6 and later licenses are Mac or PC, so yes.

If the V6 or later license is installed locally on the machine, the best is to remove it, and put it in your Rhino Account (create one if you haven’t already) - i.e. “cloud zoo”. Then you can use it either on Mac or PC - one at a time.

If you have a V5 for Mac, you would need to buy an upgrade to V7 in order to hare the license between Mac and PC.

Thanks for that. Bought rhino7.