BUG: Can't install new Rhino 6 windows update (Nov 28, 2018 2pm UTC Pacific time)

I keep getting this error. ANd I am logged in as administrator. What to do???

Hi Peter - try right-clicking the installer and choose ‘run as administrator’ Does that do anything different?


Now my rhino entirely disappeared!!! It’s gone! WTF? It’s no longer on the computer. I restarted my computer and it’s now gone!!! Im at work and need to get going on the project. I can’t have this happening.

I searched my computer and mcnell folders are there, but the rhino exe is gone!!! ANd its not in the recycle bin. So I downloaded the version from the website but I get a pop up stating that rhino is already installed. WHAT!!! But it’s not and it’s not working. What the hell???/

Hi Peter - I’d uninstall from the Windows control panel. I do not have an idea as to how it could get into this state, but if you can uninstall and then run the installer again, that would be what I would try…


Ok will do. I hope I have my settings files saved somewhere :frowning:

BTW I found this on my desktop…might help? RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (1.3 KB)

Do you have any antivirus software active? If you do, check if it has potentially quarantined rhino.exe

It must have. This windows defender has been acting strangely lately.