Rhino 6.30 installation file not running

HI…In an attempt to update rhino 6, I uninstalled the old rhino 6 version on my windows 10 laptop. I downloaded the latest rhino 6 version. When I try to run the installation file nothing happens. I have tried running it as administrator, but no response. I know this problem has been posted several times, I have tried options like updating my windows. However the installation file doesn’t run. Kindly help.

Hi -
When you download the installer, do you unblock it in Windows Explorer before running it?
Is there any error message at all?
In the Windows Task Manager, do you see any Rhino process?
I take it that you have rebooted the machine?

Thank you for your response!
The file was not blocked. Please correct me if I am wrong.

No error message. No Rhino file running in Task Manager. I rebooted the machine several times.

Thanks & regards,

In my experience there is usually no reason to uninstall an older version of Rhino before running the installer for a newer version. The installer takes care of everything that needs to be done. Is there a reason you wanted to do that?

Yeah I agree. In my case rhino was not getting updated automatically. That is the reason I thought of uninstalling.

Hello - do you have a virus scanner running? You might try disabling that during installation.


Thanks it worked! I had to disable antivirus.