BUG: blocks origin report varies but is identical

It is incredible when i try to play with beta i discover something off everytime after few clicks.
If there are so many superficial bugs how many are there which are more serious?!.

This might be a display problem. One of the blocks origin might have a slightly different origin which is not displayed with the three digits.

block_origin_digits_display.3dm (70.7 KB)

i made sure to rewrite the values to 0 manually so this should not be just display issue

Why don’t you post a file?

bug blok position.3dm (81.7 KB)
i closed original file without saving but could recreate it right away the second time as well. i made double sure to rewrite position to 0 and still it shows varies so it is definitely a bug.

I changed the scale of your blocks back to 1 and tried to replace the ‘0.000’ with ‘0’ but still the matrix shows values slightly off…

I think what happens is that when a coordinate for the position of the block is set to nearly zero and changed with ‘0’, it does not get overwritten. When the value is ‘1’ however it does get overwritten. I was able to change the larger block but I failed changing the smaller block so far.

bug blok position overwrite values.3dm (77.7 KB)

this is on the list as RH-74513 Setting multiple block instances values that show “Varies” doesn’t work properly