Origin issue

I have a quite simple block made up of some 3d shelled boxes.
when i blockexplode my origin is miles away and i cannot put it back to the objects with CTRL (move gumball with mouse)
when i recombine into a block i can set the origin but when i blockexplode again the gumball moves away into the distance again.

Anyone else had this prob? i cant find anything online about it.

Hi Jason - can you post a file with this block in it, or send to tech@mcneel.com? You might try setting
ModelBasePoint to W0,0,0… just a shot in the dark there.



Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the reply

I deleted it and redrew it.
It has happened a couple of times now,I notice when trying to orbit round
an object and it goes wildly off screen,Rotate view around gumball is set
but this still happens,It took me a while to work out this was happening
because my origin was miles away and i cannot move it closer.

When it happens again i will send it.