BUG: BlockEdit window from old file stays open in new file, not updated, not-closable

Hi RMA team,

I went to grab some knick knacks from one file to paste on another. The aformentioned knick knacks were clusteredfucked inside a block assembly. I used block edit so I could select them , copy to clipboard and close the file to move on with life…

Then when I opened again my working file the block edit window (that it was left open when I close the last file, stays open and still shows me the old file’s clusteredfuckstructure. and the window cannot be closed.

This is not nice, preventable from users by closing first blockedit, but probably also fixable?




We have done some recent work on BlockEdit and this should be fixed in the next release. Please get next weeks update and let me know if you are still having trouble.

Hi John, yeah I noticed you guys are up to something, seeing that block edit window with the entire structure is very encouraging.

I hope you plan to let us select objects in the viewport by picking items in that list view. Also it would be great to see some kind of visual differentiation between blocks that are just containers/nodes and ones that have actual geometry.

I’ll keep an eye on progress and on this bug.