Blockedit is gone or not working in V7?

Hi RMA team,

in V6 if a double-click on a block it brings this up:

I can make any modeling changes to that bock, close the dialog and all my block instances are updated.

In V7 I double-click and nothing happens. I type _Blockedit and nothing happens. Im using build (7.0.19233.6455, 08/21/19)

Any ideas why? Thx


I have BlockEdit in an early August WIP and also in one from today.

Is your BlockEdit plug-in enabled and loaded in Options > Plug-ins?

John… it’s been a long day I guess. BlockEdit is working, but my block edit window was across the country on the other side of my second monitor, near Seattle. I wasn’t aware it was popping up.


So, I wonder who put it over there…?