Bug? Auto ground plane in shaded view not adjusting


I have an automatic altitude ground plane on in my shaded view and these bounding box curves get cut-off. When I turn off the ground plane, the curves get shown again:

The bounding box is sitting on z=-5.218 and if I set a point at z=0, it’s level with the cut-off line so it seems like automatic altitude doesn’t take into account curves?


Object selected:

Bounding Box Ground Plane Error.3dm (128.0 KB)

It never did :slight_smile:

Oh, I see

But could it or shouldn’t it? It seemed natural to me that it would take any object into account. Because if not, maybe an “Influenced by” panel that appears when the option is ticked could be useful (where the user can tick/un-tick what object-types influence the altitude setting, similar to the Visibility drop-down menu in display modes)

Hi Vince -

If you ask me, yes, but the developers that type on this are of a different opinion. We have several issues on the list, I’ve added this thread to RH-69973 Include curves and points in automatic ground plane

I’m not convinced that adding complexity is the way forward here…

The ground plane is a kind of “Rendering” feature and “rendering” doesn’t traditionally involve curves, ergo the auto floor doesn’t include them, that would be the logic. That’s not necessarily the case, but whatever.

There’s no need to really complicate the feature with more options, it’s not worth the effort, just set the plane yourself.

Ah I see, alright, thanks.

Also yep, agreed. As I was typing the suggestion out, it sounded a little overkill but I figured I’d throw it out there in case.