Wish: Groundplane to be Curve sensitive

Hi guys, I find it really annoying that the automatic groundplane height isn’t curve sensitive. Can you please add a checkbox for that?


Hei Jørgen -

That, I agree with.

That one I find a bit more confusing. Would you be turning that checkbox on and off all the time? Or have two different display modes (multiplied by the number of display modes that you are currently working with, I guess) and change between those very often? Wouldn’t either of those amount to basically the same amount of work than turning off layers that contain curves or have a SelCrv Hide macro? Are there situations where you’d want to see parts of some curves but not the other parts of those curves?

I’ve lobbied for moving the groundplane below any geometry in the scene (annotations, control points, crunchy SubDs, …) but haven’t gotten very far with that… I suppose that adding more options to further control that behavior with checkboxes might make it even less likely to fly…
Happy reading…

  • RH-50186 - In Pen mode, ground plane hides curves and annotations
  • RH-50734 - Ground plane clips curves in Rendered mode
  • RH-55069 - SubD - Clipped display in Crunchy mode with display mode with GP and shadows
  • RH-56805 - Groundplane clips view when in rendered mode

I’ve added this thread to the most recent of those issues.