Offset groundplane Auto Altitude

Hi, @jeff (are you the right person to adress this to?)

I’d like to suggest an offset option for groundplane automatic altitude.
The current setup will ‘glue’ an object on the floor, where it’s oftentimes much more appealing to have an object float a little off the floor, Especially with freely oriented objects:


Hi @Willem (and @jeff, if you are indeed the right person to address)

Great idea! Another useful scenario: Vehicles of all sorts, where it’s often looks more visually correct, if they are slightly offset into the ground, so that the wheels/tires sit a few millimeters embedded into the groundplane.


Alas, your approach is almost as artificial looking as the current tangent ground plane. A completely accurate approach would be to bulge and flatspot the tires - probably more work than desirable in all but the most photorealistic depictions.

I think this sounds like a feasible request, and makes perfect sense… However, I’m not the one that would work on this… The GroundPlane feature is actually an RDK element… which is @andy’s domain.

Since this requires UI additions and changes, it probably isn’t a candidate for an SR, but more likely for 7.x.

I’ll let Andy know about this post, if the tag above doesn’t ping him first.


@AlW… I merely tried to illustrate, that the feature might find its uses outside the “floating mug”-sphere - a rather narrow field of work.

Thanks Jeff.

Addition for Andy:

It was only after I posted that I realized een absolute value voor de auto levelling Ground plane is probably not the best type of value. Maybe it should be a (logarithmic or exponential) factor of the total height or something like that because an absolute value will likely never be satisfactory for most object and scenes.


What about just a percentage of the overall scene’s bounding box “size” ?


indeed “size” … just the height, or take width lengths into account or overall volume or diagonal…

It’s not obvious what ratio to choose. My gut feeling tells me it might be best to have a non lineair relation based on real-world sizes.
This would allow a piece of jewelry to float neatly above the ground plane, but a complete truck would stand on the ground.

I don’t have much experience with this type of rendering stuff but I’m sure Andy will be able to come up with some initial setup.