Groundplane automatic to -0.001 lower than bounding box PLEASE :)

Guys, all I want for Christmas is a groundplane that doesn’t show through the material of a plane, so could you please adjust it so it automatically is poitioned 0.001 BELOW the objects boundingbox?

Or add an option to position it X units LOWER than the objects in the Groundplane dialogbox, but I guess that will be a wish for Rhino 7 since the UI of V6 is locked as far as I know.



+1. Maybe a minimal offset should be default under the hood to avoid zfighting.

Logged request for offset to automatic GP height:

FWIW Raytraced already slightly offsets the GP before tracing it (:

Excellent! How much do you offset it? The distance of the file tolerance, or more?
(I guess using the same value for OpenGL as Raytraced would make sense)

@Holo The display is already applying a bias to the GP … can you please post an example that shows the Z-Fighting between plane and objects…


Hi Jeff, I see that it works fine on new files now (not on the same machine though) so maybe I sat groundplane to fixed at 0 on that file… I’ll see if I can relocate the file when back at the office and I’ll check new files on that machine.

Ok, I see this if I make a large mesh that is far from origin.

MeshFlickerGroundPlane.3dm (66.6 KB)

Hm… that happens when 1/10 the size just above origin too…
Can you check to see if you get the same flickering on your system?

MeshFlickerGroundPlane2.3dm (91.6 KB)

but if I make it another 1/10 the size then the flicker disappear.
So maybe the automatic offset needs to be 1/xxx of the boundingbox size and not a fixed value?