BUG: Attribute User texts


I have noticed a serious bug in the latest release.
If one object has a User Text assigned and the other one - not, then if both are selected it shows that both objects have same user text, however it should show “Varies” or smth similar.

Can somebody look into this asap?


(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Dmitry - yep I see this in 6.4. Thanks.
Hm. If both have text then it shows both - I’m not sure this is incorrect, actually.


(Travis Serio) #4

The list is the associated Key/Values for ALL selected objects. If one does not have that key it can’t vary. Both objects must share the same Key with a different value in order for “varies” to show up.

(Willem Derks) #5

Hi Travis,

However, there is currently no indication that not all selected objects have this K-V pair.

If there is a ‘varies’ value we know that the values are not consistent for all selected objects.

I think what Dmitry is after is to have an indication that a key is only present in some of the selected objects.

Can the text in this list be decorated? For instance make keys that are present in all of the selected objects render in a bold font. This way we can distinguish between keys present in all objects and keys that are only present in some objects.



Hi guys,
Yes, If you have few objects selected and it shows same K-V pairs - it logical that all these objects have all these pairs assigned. However, in reality it is not, one or more objects have no user strings assigned.


(Travis Serio) #7

Currently the list is all key values associated with the selection. Short of slapping a guid next to each key I am not sure there’s an obvious way to do what you’re asking. I am open to suggestions.

(Willem Derks) #8

Hi Travis,

How about making keys bold when they are on all selected objects.
Or an additional column in front indicating the number of objects with that KV pair. Or “all” when all have this key.