Bug: 60 degree hip roof geometry clipping

Hello forum,

I was playing with roof creation to see what can I do with it and checked if I could create a rather tall hip roof for my design. This is where I found the bug:

I was wondering if I could do something similar to this, but I guess the only way is to model such roof from scratch:

Hi, yes it seems there is some issue at the ridge of this hip roof. Can you send the .3dm to visualarq@asuni.com so we can check it out?
Is the roof of your picture a Mansard roof? In this case the VisualARQ roofs won’t be so much help, unless you work with them as a first step to generate the final geometry, exploding them and working with the resulting polysurfaces.
If you need to flatten the top part of a Hip roof you can edit the Parameter “Top Cutting Height” at the Properties panel.

Hi, I’m sorry, I don’t have them in my file any more, I was playing with roofs to see how do they work and deleted the geometry after that.
About mansard roof, yes I figured that out, but I changed my mind, I think I will do something else. Thanks for suggestions.