Roof with single hip

Is there a correct way to create a roof with a single hip? I.e. 3 sided for an end-of-terrace property.

Setting one of the slopes to 90 degrees results in some strange geometry and doesn’t create a proper 90 degree junction with the other slopes, so it’s not even possible to explode the roof into slabs and use those.

Hi @mark10, you can create a longer 4 slope Hip roof and do a boolean subtraction with an auxiliary solid, using the vaSubtractSolids command and use a wall for that vertical side of the roof.

Hi Francesc, thanks for your quick response. That worked.


Hi @fsalla, I think I may have found a minor bug with vaSubtractSolids. If you run the command with a VA object initially selected, it just exits. You have to run the command with nothing selected, then select a VA object etc.

Hi Mark,
This is not really a bug but the current behavior. We can change it so it also works with pre selected VisualARQ geometry.

Thanks, I was just thinking it would be consistent with rhino Boolean* functions if it could work with pre selected geometry.

Yes, I agree.

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I let you know we have changed the behavior of this command so it works with pre-selected VisualARQ objects in version 2.8.5: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.8.5 released