VisuaARQ roof crop to generate a new form and other steps

Please can you help me a little bit with some information ?
I tried to make a roof in visualArq and I can’t find it a propriate tutorial to make this steps to make a roof thickness by 60 cm ?(pleasee see my drawing) to shape a round form in point 1?
3 how to cut the roof to make a terrace like in my drawing?roof crop

thank you in advance!

Hi Daniela and welcome to discourse!

Roofs are made of slab styles so if you want a roof of 60 cm thickness first you should create a slab style that is 60 cm thick, then from the roof style go to the Slopes section and pick the slab style.

It is not possible to create a round edge cut, as you can see in the geometry section of the roof style editor the options are: square, plumb and flat. However will think about adding the round option.

There are no roof openings yet, I will add your vote. Currently what you can do is to subtract a boundary (_vaRoofSubtract) or subtract a solid (_vaSubtractSolids).

Kind regards

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