Issue with locked subd edges

I have my wireframe display modes set up to show locked objects as greyed-out. I also like to see open edges as a different color when objects aren’t locked, but there is an issue when I do this with Subd objects. I’ll attach a display mode and an example file. Basically, I’m expecting subd boundary edge settings to behave similarly to surface naked edge settings, but they show differently when locked objects are set up to be greyed-out or transparent.

Subd objects setting - boundary edge settings set to Use single color for all boundary edges.

Surfaces objects setting - naked edge settings set to Use single color for all edges.

Objects general setting - Locked objects - Use specified lock color set to a mid-tone grey.

I would like the boundary edges to be greyed-out like the naked edges of surfaces are in this display mode.

locked object edges.3dm (70.3 KB)
wireframe with lock issue.ini (14.1 KB)

Hi Peter, I see this, thanks.

RH-80965 Display- locked setting and SubD edges


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It seems that this issue is fixed, but only in Smooth mode. In Boxy mode, the problem persists.

@phcreates can you send us an example file?

I’ll append the YT

Thanks - same file as above, but in boxy mode:
locked object edges boxy.3dm (58.9 KB)

thanks, case reopened and new info added.

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