Brep From Tekla to Revit Problem

i have convert an chs pipe from tekla to grasshopper and need to model it in revit as direct shape but shape of pipe not smooth like normal in tekla or like as native object model in revit how i can solve it ?

this in tekla

pick it and convert in rhino and send to revit

model it as direct shape be like this

Hi User2142, Can you internalize the Brep from Convert To Brep and send that GH file? Thanks. (53.0 KB)
this a gh file

Yeah, The Tekla to Brep is faceted

and if pipe has cuts convert fail (153.6 KB)

ok how i can solve it to be smooth ?

Did you aquire the Pipe from Tekla using the Tekla Live Link? If so you can likely get it’s axis and the various radii needed to reconstruct it as an extrusion etc.

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Geometrically, I recommend poising the problem to the GH community in a new thread. No Tekla or RiR components, just the breps that have all the conditions you will be seeing.

Getting the end caps you can create Circles from points and loft them (roughly), this would be pre-cuts.

You can see the Edges that fail to meet Revit tolerances (RiR still bring it in)

ok but this have cuts and open and details on it not just a pipe

True. This thread has XY problem vibes to me though. Could you explain what you’re trying to do end-to-end? There might be a solution that can bypass having to resolve approximated breps between three softwares.

i have large model in tekla structure and client need to convert all model to revit for lod 300 and i try to convert it by direct shape and add all paramters he will need it from tekla to revit so he can read data from model revit and complete project for hvac and mep and arch

I’ve had good success going Tekla → IFC → Revit myself, any issues on your end with that? It should make it easy to bring all geometry and all data across.

he need it to be as a geometry if he select and object profile must be shown in property so if i use ifc object name dosen’t shown he must scroll down to get it

The issue with that is it brings the data across into Revit, but isn’t at the top of the properties UI, but lower down? I guess as an ifc property, not the family name etc?

look at this screenshot he need when select any member profile of this member shown there to know it
this ifc file

Yes I see what you mean. Reviewing in 3D like that looks inefficient.
Out of interest, what do the pipes look like when you go via IFC?

Like This

Does this Tekla → RVT Plugin work well?

alots of thing fails dosen’t convert

I’d go with @Japhy’s idea for now then. I’m out of simple ideas :confused: