Transfer digital terrain model as Brep

Hello everyone, I have an issue with transferring a digital terrain model (solid as Brep) using the Rhino.Inside.Revit components. The model was generated in Grasshopper from a point cloud and converted into a Brep (I also have the surface as a mesh). Subsequently, it is intended to be transferred to Revit as a family. However, the model’s surface loses accuracy in the process. I have read in other posts that this may be due to how Revit generates geometries. Is it possible to transfer the Brep model cleanly using the RiR components? It would be great to avoid relying on other solutions (such as Civil 3D) and to generate everything within the Grasshopper environment using RiR. I have already exported the model from Grasshopper using other interfaces (SAT, Speckle) and integrated it into Revit, but the result looks similar to RiR. If I only insert the surface as a mesh using the RiR components, it looks significantly better, but I want to work with the Brep as a solid, as a family component…

Is it even possible to transfer the Brep-model cleanly to Revit?

Versions used:

  • Revit 2023

  • RiR 1.16.8620.27572

  • Rhino 7

DTM to (12.6 MB)

Hi Fabio, What are the units? This is obviously a bit more than what families are intended for, but if the edges are within tolerance you shouldn’t lose any fidelity.