Brep From Tekla to Revit Problem

Try the steel fabrication IFC export rather than reference view.
I’ve developed a Revit plugin to get superior IFC imports. It has been used with success at getting native revit elements with applied detailing for other projects. So if the out of the box link IFC isn’t good enough, you can take a trial of my plugin if you’re willing to do so.
Downloads – GeometryGym (

This is the correct way to solve this.
Tekla’s Breps are always facetted, no matter you export IFC or STP or import them in Grasshopper through the live link or C# with the GetSolid method.

Hi @user2142,

If is good enough to have a “clean” mesh, you can just convert your ‘Brep’ to ‘Mesh’ and Weld certain edges based on the angle that form the adjacent faces.

This “clean” display of meshes is available since Revit 2023.

If you want to improve it a bit more, adjust the way Grasshopper is meshing your Brep to have lighter meshes on Revit. (164.8 KB)


thank u but if there is any way to make it clean in revit 2022 ?


The only tool, I’m aware of, that follows a similar path and is able to hide the internal edges on versions previous to 2023 is Conveyor.

They implemented a nice trick exporting through DXF.
DXF and DWG formats support meshes with hidden lines and Revit honors the edge visibility when imports those meshes.

Breps may be always faceted in Tekla, but it seems these parts will be beams and columns etc.
If you export constructive solid geometry in the IFC using the fabrication model view settings, then there is no faceting for extrusion based elements. Here is an example of a CHS beam being cut by a CHS column.

Note in the tree view the shapes are extrusions with circular profiles, no faceting.

Here is the resultant IFC import using ggRhinoIFC in Rhino
230728 rhino import.3dm (408.5 KB)

Here is the Revit import using ggRevitIFC (note native elements with families that can be modified)

Revit and ifc file in this zip file.
230728 tekla fabrication (2.1 MB)

Based on the images the workflow show work. But if you test and don’t get good results, I can help review and look for improvements. There can be a trade off in reliability, Tekla has superior capability than Revit in terms of cutting parts etc, but if the model is quite typical, this should work well.


i try to import ifc in revit and rhino and still not clean brep

Doesn’t look like fabrication model view to me, but I’d need to see the ifc file to be sure. I’ll send you a message.
Make sure the fabrication view is nominated from the Tekla export settings as per this image.