Break or stop calculation shortcut similar to [ESC] on PC grasshopper?

Is there any keystroke that is available to stop a calculation once it’s started?
I occasionally forget to set some data tree connection properly and become locked in an exponential calculation that will make my computer essentially useless, is there any way to force stop a calculation once it has begun?

I did a simple test and surely, this does not seem to be wired up in GH for Mac. Added to the issue tracker:


As of the latest RhinoWIP, you should now be able to use the esc to stop the calculation. Please give it a try with a long-running definition and let us know if you see problems.

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As this topic is already quite old: How is the actual status? With Rhino 6 (latest SR) the ESC does not work. Is it still pleanned for 6 or do we have to look forward to Rhino 7?
A lot of users might know the situation of Grasshopper calculating for hours. Most of the times the reason is just a stupid connection that has been set without thinking…

Hi - From the link above, I see that issue RH-38593 was fixed in Rhino 6.14.
If this is not working as expected for you in the current 6.19, please provide a sample that we can use to check.

a couple days ago, I created a graft rather than a merge operation that left the patch looping for a solid 45 min, [esc] did not wok to disable the solver or stop the command. I had to do a hard quit and rebuild the patch and lost the work since the last autosave. It does not appear resolved as of the last build on PC or mac.

Hey @dasiv Can you please provide the definition we can use to reproduce the problem with esc you are seeing? It would help us track this down faster.

Hi Wim
To be honest I did not know that you fixed that one. I tried again and now it works. Thank you.

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The escape key is on the touchbar on Macbook Pro 15, and doesn’t stop calculations in GH for me. I’m on the latest Rhino 6 for mac.

i’m not on mac so I can’t test, but the traditional method to “escape” on mac is command + .

I’m using Rhino 7.3 on a Windows 10 system and I’m running into the same issue. I’m making ETFE panels with Kangaroo and doing too many panels at once causes Grasshopper and Rhino to freeze and lag. I’ve lost some work figuring out the sweet spot for my system. I’m sure everyone’s computers can handle different things but it would still be great if there was a hot key or something to cancel a grasshopper calculation without closing Rhino.


For now it relies on Kangaroo… Grasshopper cannot just abort the computation.

Does the escape work for generating a preview? Example,

I have been known to have display selected on, and a component selected when I mistakenly connect a miss matched tree. The component itself seems to calculate quickly, but because it’s selected it wants to display the geometry I just mistakenly created. This will freeze grasshopper and rhino while trying to generate a preview of 50,000+ objects.

In rhino, you can hit escape and the viewport reverts to wireframe, and stops trying to generate a preview mesh. This does not work in grasshopper, at least not what I see. So I’m then stuck waiting close to an hour for preview mesh to calculate and load into the viewport.

Is there another way to force stop a preview mesh calculation in grasshopper?