Silly Grasshopper question/request for improvement

Is there anyway to cancel a GH ‘calculating forever’ syndrome? Control-c or ‘.’ or esc or control-alt-shift-new keyboard needed… :slight_smile: :boom:

I can’t say how many times i let a GH session run all night and see if next morning i could press control z or decided to redo the thing from scratch or where i had left at last save.

Pro tip: save often and serialize to backtrack if possible… What a waste of fluid (pun intended) scripting/piping…


It would be nice to debug Grasshopper like old C step by step watching what ‘line of the damn list of data you are feeding’ is causing a loft module to go red and spat ‘Loft could not be constructed’? I looked, tried for hours and gave up.

What’s the go to debug situation in this case? Without translating to phyton of course - unless i missed the export GH to code option? Another suggestion i guess…

(8 month old GH scripter)

-Esc can cancel calculations (but not always).
-Use the profiler to see your bottle necks.
-Make use of data dams to stop unnecessary down stream recalculations.
-Null values component can sometimes give you more in-depth error messages

That’s all I can think of now that currently exists


I use the same methods outlined by Mr Pryor, but still occasionally get lockups when I accidentally wire up the wrong components (even after 8 years of GH).

I have noticed one strange thing that can sometimes prove very useful, and other times be very annoying…

When I sometimes get a lock-up, I try hitting escape several time to no avail. However, if I go into another GH definition (that isnt locked-up) and hit escape, it actually stops the locked definition (although it doesnt work every time).

I’m often working on multiple definitions, so this gets annoying when you are actually processing something in one definition and hit escape in the other.

Do others also see this behaviour?

It would be quite nice to have some sort of abort button that can somehow operate even when GH is busy processing.

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Awesome tips gents!

I knew about the profiler but getting the “state” it’s in because or the why it’s stuck what is not working in the model or overworking would be cool!

Sometimes i was under the impression that esc or ctrl-c worked but was not sure. Thanks for setting that straight.

And indeed there’s a reaction when you send esc in another rhino session that’s munching numbers…

Since the obvious cause for starting a new session is when this rhino session is eating grass. This is quite a potential mixed blessing as you mention!

Actually in Volvox plugin (since it’s working with point clouds and potentially huge computations are under consideration) they have made it in a very nice manner, so when the component runs it doesn’t freeze the entire canvas and it shows the progress in percentages. This is super helpful, since you can get an estimation whether you should wait or stop it.

I wish all of the components were like this.


pancake features Hang Protection for the running GH script


Do others also see this behaviour?