Angular Blend Shader isn't

working in Brazil. Though, it shows up in Neon.

Hi Paul,

This material is working here… can you post or send your file? Also what versions or BZ and Neon and Rhino 5 are you running?

Here’s the file…hopefully it comes through. I’m using the most current of all of BZ, Neon and Rhino. Another bug which I thought was supposed to be fixed is that if there is an open folder on the desktop it comes forward into Rhino when I hit render and covers up the Brazil render window. KB)

Got it - I know why this happens. We disabled materials from filter slots because they were crashing - for example, putting a BAM into the filter slot of glass will definitely crash. Or would have.

Angular blend should be allowed. I will try to hook this up.

  • Andy

It’s fixed. I will get a new build to you as soon as I can.

Thanks Andy.

What about the folder on the desktop obscuring render tests by moving to the front when-ever Brazil is rendering?

That one is such a pain.


Yes - we know. It’s a bug in Rhino and I believe it is fixed in SR6.

I’ve got the most recent SR6 pre (just out a day or so ago) and it still isn’t fixed.