Brazil for Rhino 6

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You can download Brazil for Rhino 6 SR 4 from here:


  • Marika

Is it a full release for Rhino Beta ?

It is a Beta release for Rhino 6 Beta. But all features should work, if that is what you are asking. If you already own a Brazil for Rhino 5 you can download the Beta for the Rhino 6 Beta.

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Just tried a simple .png image (Picture object). Alpha channel not working in render, but it works in all display modes.

Hi Natan
I tried Brazil and twice after one hour of work Rhino no longer responds to commands. Example: if I try to use the command _line, nothing happens and I have to use CTRL ALT DEL to end the session

Did you do anything specific? I have had my Rhino with Brazil open for 12 hours, and it still runs OK. Did you do anything else beside _Render?

edit: After 11 additional hours of having the same Rhino session open (with one Raytraced view) and regular interval _Render command usage for Brazil renders, and viewport changes and adding _Lines Rhino continues to be responsive.

If you are using other non-Rhino distributed plug-ins please try disabling those and see if things get better. If they do you can turn on such plug-ins one by one, trying to freeze Rhino, until you find out if it is any such plug-in. If it isn’t any of the plug-ins then it might be useful to get the Rhino _SystemInfo output here.

Hey Marika,

Cool! Is it possible to get an evaluation version for Rhino 6?

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Unfortunately we only offer the WIP/Beta versions testing for our current users. Once the released version of Brazil for v6 is out you’ll be able to evaluate it.

Okay, thank you.



Updated the link and thread - the Beta is no longer, there’s only the released version of SR 4 - which is Rhino 6 compatible.

Thank you.

Are there any notable changes to Brazil, or is this mostly just for compatibility with the new Rhino?

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Compatability, no real new features.

I was hoping to test Brazil for rhino 6. You have stated 12days ago it is no longer in Beta version and the web site states full version and evaluation build are together in one file. I have tried to down load evaluation version but it asks for a licence key? Does this mean I have to have owned an older version of Brazil to be able to test it on Rhino 6 ?

I see that the problem is with the download page asking for a license key while it shouldn’t. I’ll let @marika_almgren know on Monday.

@Matthew_Hockley can you try the download page again? @marika_almgren already fixed the page

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Thank you, I was able to download and install.
Issue I know have it has stated it is expired on my first test render ?

I don’t know about that, but I’ll have mention your problem at the office tomorrow so that it gets looked at.

Sorry i speak french !
l’install rhino 6 et Brazil est ok :smile:
Pour le Brazil option les réglages pour le rendu sont simples très peut de possibilité. not very good !! :slight_smile:
will you find the complete rendering menu?
What evolution for brazil in time ?
Thank you for your answers

did you try the advanced view-option already?
in the bottom of the menu window??