Upgrade from rhino5 -rhino6

I am using Rhino5 educational version. It is fine for what I have been doing, building a simple 3d interior models. Now I would like to improve my skills with lighting and rendering. I haven´t decided what rendering software to use but I found out in this search that Brazil is inbuilt rendering program from Rhinocero. I am not sure if it is only inbuilt for rhino6 or if I can also get it for rhino5. My question is would you recommend me to upgrade from 5 educational version to 6 professional licence. In my work as interior designer I mostly use 2d plans for smaller projects, occasionally I make 3d models and would like to increase using 3d


I use Brazil with Rhino 5 it is wonderful once you get over the learning curve. Attached image rendered with Brazil.

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Nice pic :slight_smile:

Is it free with rhino5 or only rhino6?

Brazil is not 'inbuilt"; information here:
and here:
Brazil for Rhino 6

Hi, Fred,
Thanks for your reply

I know you have to add it to rhino but it seems like it is free for Rhino6. But is it free for rhino5. I was just wondering if I need to update to rhino6 to get brazil but I would prefer not as work status is not good at the moment but I also have good time now to learn which I am planning on to learn rendering.

Is Brazil also free for rhino5

Hi Sunna,
This is from about 2 weeks ago. Brazil render GPU
I bought the program for Rhino V5 and was able to upgrade for Rhino V6; Brazil was never free!

It’s too bad you didn’t upgrade to V6. It has a new RayTraced viewport based on the Cycles rendering engine.
V7, probably out later this year, replaces the Rhino Renderer with the Cycles based engine too.
What all this means is you may not need anything beyond the native tools in V7 to quickly produce really good renderings.



As @John_Brock mentioned

You can upgrade to Rhino 6 Educational for under $100 now if you qualify. https://www.rhino3d.com/sales/north-america/United_States
…and you can still get an evaluation version (good for 90 days) https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-windows/6/evaluation



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My graduation got delayed because of Covid. But knowing that at least I may be able to upgrade to Rhino 7 with the educational price got me a lot happier for not graduating yet :smile:

I know you guys are awesome and will have everything pololished and ready before December :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just one question. Upgrading removes access from the older version ? Asking because some plugins I bought.

Nope, older versions still work fine after upgrading, no worries.

We are trying our best to ensure plug-ins built for Rhino 6 will still be able to run in Rhino 7

But that is up for the plug in developer too isn’t ?

If they plan to just update or if I will have to pay an upgrade too for the Rhino v7 is up to then, right?

It depends. Plug-ins can contain code that explicitly make the decision to only run in Rhino 6, but I would say that is uncommon. Rhino 7’s plug-in architecture is capable of loading and running plug-ins that were built for Rhino 6