Brazil for Rhino 6



i’m in wrong or render window in Brazil for R6 is no longer available as option?
if ies, why?
i’m referring to brazil eval.

(Marika Almgren) #24

The RenderWindow command seems to be broken in Brazil for Rhino 6. I added a bug report for this:


wow thanks!
i want report another issue in the enviornmnet menu creation in brazil for r6. I try to make a new advanced env. a lot of time, but this means bringing rhino to a stuck and after to a crash without a possibility to save the file, and this is a loss of time.

also “safe frame” is KO

I love the new default shaders and the fact that brazil reads these shaders without problems, this help the creationt of a new material, phiscally correct, that came in a few minutes. ok metals, ok jewels mat. ok glass, ok plastics, i think you done a nice development on rhino 6 and brazil. good job!

(Marika Almgren) #26

I’m not able to repeat the crash when making a new Advanced Environment.
Can you please add exact steps on what you do/press in order to make it happen?
Does the crash happen on all models, or is it a specific one?
Do you get the Rhino Crash Window to show up? If so can you please send it in?

(foreigner) #27

I think no bugs in Brazil 2.0 for Rhino 5 & 6.
We need just more futures in Brazil like (GPU Render & Speed Render) .

Rendering time: 0d 00h 15m 23s


Sorry I’m still searching to understand what’s the problem. Happens randomly especially from model created inside r5. I try to create a environment and suddenly rhino crash!
Question to developers
Really, gpu render support inside Brazil is a possible situation?


I’ve ran into crashes when doing things with the environment editor also. It doesn’t seem to be consistent, sometimes Rhino just crashes back to the desktop. Also getting the renderwindow back would be greatly appreciated!

(foreigner) #30

Can you share your scene ?