Box mapping

Is there a way to change the uv direction of a single face of a box? I am forming a box to use for box mapping, but the face with the arrow on the image below has grain running not towards the desired direction. I guess I could just rotate the box around x axis. Or is there a better way to set surface uv direction?

Thanks for the help in advance!

There’s examples of transformations of texture mappings in this blog post:
Hope that will help

Hi Lars,

I have read through that post before asking my question, as it does not go in depth about the Human Plugin mapping tools. I guess thinking about it more in depth with a fresh head today, I assume that I need to break up the box that I built, remap the faces that I don’t agree with my desired result, join it up to a box again and then only use box map human plugin component.


Jonas Blazinskas

That should work. Otherwise you’ll need to keep the faces separate and get more control for each face using Planar Mapping.