Texturing with Shapediver


Currently we are using the uv mapping components from the human plugin to be able to apply textures to our models. We are running into difficulties applying uv mapping to complex geometries. Is there any alternative mapping for use with your advanced material rendering component? We would like to end up with a custom normal map on our complex geometries for use in the visualizer.

If you need to define more complex uv coordinates to your geometry, you can use the “Custom Mapping” component from Human, which allows you to define a complete list of (u,v) coordinates for the vertices of a mesh. Of course, this assumes that you already have an algorithm to define those coordinates on the mesh, probably within a script. It depends on what you need to do exactly.

Alternatively, you can try using the ShapeDiverTextureTransform component, which applies any type of transformation (from the “Transform” panel) directly to the texture coordinates. Additional transformations from the Jackalope plugin are also supported.