Box Mapping inconsistency

i have an issue with mapping, often do i notice discrepancies between models where parts get warped stretched etc.

below a section of the rendered image where both have the same mapping the same settings, just the model is slightly different on top and was modelled different. is there anything that i can do to improve, or did i misunderstand box mapping maybe?

if needed i can send you the model but please dont post any images it is very confidential.

Please select only those two surfaces and use the Export command to save them as their own 3dm file. Then open it to confirm the issue still happens with only those objects and if it does post the file here. Thanks.

hi @BrianJ thank you for the response, i can unfortunately not upload the file publically, is there any place i can upload it confidentially? like in a pm? also if i extract one surface only, the render might change, that usually happens on joined polysurfaces.

You can email and request that the file be kept confidential. If the file is too large to email you can use Rhino - Upload to Support . Be sure to explain your question in either the email or the upload comments as well. If you can recreate the issue with a file you can post publicly here, that would work too.

i sent you the file via pm, please let me know if that is sufficient. thank you!

Replied in the PM. The polysrf has some geometry issue causing the procedural noise texture baking to fail.