Texture mapping mismatch with Sketchup models

I’m using some models imported from Sketchup, and the textures on them are mapped correctly in Neon and OpenGl, but the scale is all wrong in a Brazil render. What could be up with that?

Can you post a model please or at least one object and one material and I’ll try to help more. At a guess, I’m thinking maybe it’s a mapping setting specific to the texture in the BZ material that is not used by Neon.

I’m sending you a sample now.

Thanks, I asked for @andy to take a look too by email and cc’d you. Can you confirm the imported format was skp in that email chain? My hunch is that the UVs are not being saved or loaded properly and any change to the texture mappings or active render engine causes the correct tiling to disappear.

It was SKP, exported as version 8.