Surface Mapping

I hesitated on posting anything here, as my experience in getting feedback from a forum has been sketchy at best. Anyway, I have searched hi and low for answers, and this is my last resort.

First off…I don’t care about Rhino for Windows. I already understand the solution for the Windows version, so please, let’s stay with the version I paid to use.

I am simply (so I thought) trying to display a single decal MA State Police decal on the front doors of a model Explorer. I created the vector decal in AI, and then exported the image as a PNG. As you can see from the screen shot, the image was applied to the surface just fine; but, you can also see that I have multiple part images when I only want one, and I want it centered on the door.

I have other decals to apply as well, but I assume the procedure for moving my image around on each panel is roughly the same…or maybe not. Anyway, I am simply trying to create ONE decal in ONE place on the door panel. How do I do that? I have tried moving the UV positions, which do NOT work, and I have tried various other methods such as plane and cylinder. Also, there is no size adjustments for the surface texture that I know of.

I was soooooooo looking forward to the “decal” feature in the next release, but I noticed it is NOT a feature included in the WIP version I just downloaded.

I was very happy with Rhino…up until the time that I realized there are so many features not included in the Mac version. It may be time to head back to 3dsMax for this sort of thing.

Thanks for the assistance!


i am not a texture pro in rhino but surface mapping does not seem to allow any fancy stuff as i have also found, if you set it to planar you can use equalize and further the command MappingWidget to manually adjust the size. if you dont want it to repeat just make a png big enough that you can cut the rest off.

Thanks for the quick reply Richard. I will explore that and see where it takes me. I am looking at all options available right now. If there was just a way to turn the tiling off, that would do the trick…I think.


Create a surface from your door, decal shaped. Now apply the decal to it, you may need to cut the shape out of the door so door skin doesn’t break into the decal. I have done this with number plates on 3D modelled cars.

My problem is, I can’t render a model and have the decal show other than a blank white space ?