Material texture mapping (tabbed panel)

TexturePalette command displays textures panel. A mapping panel appears inside the textures panel when a texture is added. The mapping panel depends on texture type. One of the mapping panels, called 2-D Texture Mapping, has several radio buttons: Decal, View based, Environment map, Screen, WCS, WCS (box style), Mapping Channel. The buttons are shown in the following screenshot.

Rhino help file barely mentions the radio buttons, but does not explain how to use them. It seems that most of the radio buttons do not work. (Brian James is texture expert. Maybe he can find spare time to make video tutorial about material texture mapping?)

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Hi Andrew, Apologies on missing this post. In the future try using the @ mention feature to send a notification and hopefully I won’t miss it!

There are a few variables that come into play when talking about what texture mapping methods work in any given scene. Showing up in the viewport for instance is different than showing up in the actual render due to some render plugins not supporting the mapping features the same. In general Rhino Render should work with all of them when actually rendering but several won’t show up in the Rendered viewport of Rhino 5 like Screen, View based and Environment map.

The good news is that in the Rhino WIP all of them do show up in the Rendered display! View based and Screen are also simplified to one mapping type called Screen which essentially uses the viewport normal like a slide projector.

I’ll definitely make a video on this and more texture mapping workflows for v6. Thanks for the suggestion.

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